The tax laws of South Africa, as well as the tax residency criteria in most international Double Taxation Agreements require that a Mauritian company be legally tax resident in Mauritius, which requires its “place of effective management” to be in Mauritius. This means that a Mauritian company would be expected to have Mauritian resident directors with the requisite knowledge, skill, experience and qualifications to actively participate on an executive level regarding the high level legal, commercial and technical affairs that relates to the business of a Mauritian company.

Korten Consulting Ltd, with its access to various qualified attorneys, accountants and technical specialists that are either resident individuals in Mauritius, or spend material amount of time in Mauritius, are able to offer-

  • active director services with the required of financial, accounting, legal and industry specific expertise in Mauritius
  • Mauritian based business support, including sourcing business premises, accounting services, information technology services, banking services and bank account management