Positioned as a specialist tax and commercial legal advisory firm, at Korten Consulting Ltd we ascribe to the philosophy that whilst acknowledging the international trend towards stamping out harmful tax practices relating to cross border transactions, for so long as certain sovereign jurisdictions offer their residents substantially more attractive tax regimes than others, and for so long as taxpayers have the freedom to conduct their businesses or manage their assets from the jurisdictions of their choice, there usually exists substantial opportunities arising from carefully considered tax planning, subject to the adherence to applicable tax laws.

The mission of Korten Consulting Ltd is to provide service excellence and value added enhancement to our clients’ businesses and wealth through education on the latest African tax laws and trends, fostering a culture of tax compliance, identifying and reducing tax risks based on in-depth analysis, and wherever possible reducing the African taxation exposure of our clients in a manner that is lawful and creative, whilst not compromising on the commercial efficiencies required to achieve business or investment objectives.