Tax Law

Tailored expertise, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive solutions for a seamless journey through tax complexities, Korten Consulting Ltd offers the following scope of services:


The expertise of Korten Consulting Ltd focuses primarily on South African and Mauritian tax law from an international perspective. In addition, through its associated service providers, Korten Consulting is able to advise on the tax laws applicable in-

  • The Seychelles
  • Malta
  • The USA
  • Dubai
  • Various sub Saharan countries such as Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Our tax advisory and structuring services include educating clients regarding the tax rules applicable to individuals, trusts and companies in all areas, including-

    • Employees tax
    • Income tax
    • Various withholding taxes
    • Capital gains tax
    • Dividend tax
    • Country specific expatriate taxes
    • Anti-avoidance rules
    • Tax residency rules
    • Tax incentives
    • Tax compliance
    • The use of Double Taxation Agreements

Through its association with TRM Daniel Erasmus Tax Practitioners, Korten Consulting Ltd offers-

  • corporates and individuals legal representation arising from enquiries, audits, investigations, assessments and tax disputes with the South African Revenue Services, the Mauritian Revenue Authority and the Tax Authorities in various African jurisdictions including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi
  • providing experienced tax counsel to prepare and argue on behalf of our clients a tax case before the applicable Tax Review Boards, Tax Courts and Appeal Courts in various jurisdictions.
  • Applications for Tax Refunds, Tax Residency Termination Applications and Tax Rulings from relevant Tax Authorities.
  • Advice on and representation against Revenue Authorities relating to the application of International Double Taxation Agreements.

International Transfer Pricing rules and the requirements for groups of companies operating in different countries to prepare and maintain Transfer Pricing Policy Documents have become crucial as Tax Authorities in Africa focus on the correct pricing between related parties transacting with each other in different jurisdictions. Korten Consulting Ltd is able to-

  • Prepare Transfer Pricing Policy Documents
  • Advise on group restructuring and cross border contractual enhancements to optimize tax advantages, yet maintain transfer pricing compliance.